Garolos Banku Nuruolos - "Garos

Gambler, occasional fixer, a little bit of a hedonist with a bad habits, including sticking his neck out when he knows he shouldn't


Species/nationality: Chiss (Skilled gains a free d6 in any two skills, sees in Infrared Spec, -1 Outsider)
-Gender: Male
-Rank: Seasoned

-Agility: d10 (with two advancements)
-Smarts: d6
-Spirit: d8
-Strength: d6
-Vigor: d6

>>Derived Stats:

-Charisma (0+edges/hindrances): -2 (Outsider)
-Pace (6" average): 6"
-Parry (AC; 2+1/2 Fighting): 7
-Toughness (2+1/2 Vigor; vs. damage): 5

-Wounds: -1, -2, -3 (shaken), -4 (incapacitated)
-Fatigue: -2, -1

>>Hindrances (2 minor, 1 major):

- Quirk Minor – Abhors awkward silences, likes to whistle, sing to himself, tap his fingers, bounce a ball
- Enemy – My ex
- Habit – Death Sticks

>>Edges (8)

-Arcane Background (Force)
- Two Fisted
- Ambidextrous
- Martial Arts (1D4)
- Florentine
- Form II
- Form III
- Counter Attack

-Bennies: 3

Skills (+1d6 Wild Die) (with one advancement the Skilled bonus for two skills & total 15 pts)

-Agility: (d10)
Fighting d10 (Skilled)
Shooting d10 (Skilled)
Piloting d4

-Smarts: (d8)
Gambling d6
Notice d4
Streetwise d6

-Spirit: (d8)
Force d8

-Strength: (d6)

-Vigor: (d6)

>Powers: 4
-Power Points: 15

-Rank: Seasoned
-Power Points: 1
-Range: Self
-Duration: Instant
Absorb the energy from a blaster shot with your hand/ body. AE allows the user to negate or even convert damage from ranged energy weapons into health or power. If you are hit by a ranged energy attack roll your Spirit vs. the damage from the attack. Failure means the attack damages you normally. A success means you negate the damage and a Raise means you absorb the damage, healing yourself of 1 wound, 1 fatigue or recover 1 Force Power point.

-Rank: Seasoned
-Power Points: 2
-Range: Self
-Duration: 3 (1/round)
Weapon or fists glow with the power of the Force. Battle strike allows you to imbue your weapon with the Force making it more powerful. Works like the Smite power, but only on your own melee weapon. A success adds +2 to weapon damage, and a Raise adds +4 to weapon damage. Weapons imbued by this power can deflect lightsabers, functioning as cortosis weapons.

-Rank: See below
-Power Points: See below
-Range: Self
-Duration: 3 (2/round)
Surge allows you to become a blur of superhuman speed and agility.
„« Running, Novice, 1 Power Point: Success doubles pace, a raise makes running a free action negating the -2 running penalty.
„« Jumping, Novice, 2 Power Points: Each success and raise equals a jump 2¡¦¡¦ (4 meters) vertically.
„« Quickness, Seasoned, 4 Power Points: Two actions per turn with no penalty, on raise also discard initiative card of 8 or lower and redraw.

>Languages: Cheunh, Basic, and Twilek


One Jedi Lightsaber (Blue) 2D8
Two Sith Lighsabers (Red) 2D8
Two Heavy Blasters 2D8 (Armr Pierce 1)

- Light ( Sporting) Blaster (450) 100 cr was from Ekafti (a loan or rent for hiding out on my ship)
A suit and other clothes (50 cred)
-comlink, short-range (25 cr., 0.1 lb.)
Two Daggers, 50
A cane (Because my character has only so much money and needs a blaster, I decided to forgo the cane sword for now and just have a cane that I can still beat people with) 25 cr
A sabac/card deck, some dice,
A carton of deathsticks,
A couple of “bouncy” balls
Credits 15 + (?)

Oh yeah and the registration to a ship ( that was a hunk of junk at first before that Duros fellow joined the team).


Jaded gambler and bitter ex Jedi who straddles the line of Light & Dark without crossing it. Has had a few hiccups since expelled from The Order. Had the misfortune of his first master being Count Dooku so that plus breaking one of the less important oaths led to his ouster. Had to turn in his lightsaber but managed to snake a broken one with a functioning crystal. Not quick to share his past with the order…and other people.

Garolos Banku Nuruolos - "Garos

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